Adiquímica launches a new simple and rapid method for daily monitoring of biocide 1352

Adiquímica launches a new method for determining the residual concentration of Adiclene 1352 in the cooling circuit. The method is called AdicTest 1352.

Consist in an analytical test strips which determine Adiclene 1352 amount present in water. It is very useful and comfort to determine the amount of biocide in water. And in this way it complies with RD 865/2003 for Legionella prevention introducing a daily control of biocide.

To use it, simply to introduce the reaction zone of the analytical rod during 2 seconds in the measuremet sample. Excess fluid of the rod is eliminated shaking it, and after 60 seconds, the color from reaction zone is classified in the best possible way to compare with the label color.

AdicTest 1352 is presented in a tube with 100 analytical rods.


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