Adiquímica launches new automatic control equipment of biocide level: ADICONLINE 1352

Adiconline 1352 is a comprehensive product designed for an online Adiclene 1352 measurement for the control and operation of a dosing pump for a replacement additive. In this way, giving effect at RD 865/2003 for Legionella prevention which introduces the daily control of biocide level.

Adiconline 1352 includes an electrochemical system adaptable to some existing biocides on the market and its informatic system allows it incorporate other services such as: pH meter, conductivity meter, temperature meter and others physicochemical parameters.

This system is fitted in a metal cabinet in whose front is located a display for information and an input of parameters. Several buttons, which conform the keyboard, allow to program and to display the control parameters of Adiconline 1352.

Adiconline 1352 is programmed to perform no more than eight daily determination of biocide level fully automatically.

This cabinet which is incorporated mechanics and electronics of Adiconline 1352 carries on his left part three water connections with inlet and outlet water. Through the connector located on the top, smaller and diameter smaller than 6 mm is introduced the feed water which will be analyzed.


For the equipment installation should be performed a punctured near to cooling tower and place a quick connector for a 6 mm external diameter hose with a stopcock to close if necessary.

General features:

  • Performing one or more daily analysis, showing results in parts per million of biocide.
  • Tests can be performed manually or automatically at planned hours and days.
  • Connection for computer communication. (optional)
  • Ability to manage a long distance by GSM module. Even from your mobile phone. (optional)
  • Memorizing of performed tests.?
  • Equipped with a powerful processor.
  • Automatic dosing of biocide if the concentration in tower is low.
  • Provided with audible and visual alarms that indicate a lack of reagents used in analytical and the lack of biocide.
  • Easy installation, a water intake is only neccessary.


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