Adiquímica participate in CITEM (Iberoamerican Congress of Science and Technology of Membranes)

First day of CITEM there was a short lecture by José Luis Pérez Talavera on current technology of desalination water. Talavera gave particular importance during exposure to its own experience with Osmosis plants from Canarias, where she currently resides.

Second conference day, in the morning, conferences were presented on the use of membranes in the industrial sector (wines, concentrates, etc.) and some research studies of membranes by different universities.

In the afternoon, was performed exposures from different companies invited to the event, between them Adiquímica. Adiquímica presentation was in charge of Albert Pujol, product manager of osmosis division in the company, who was assisted by Joan Maria Galtés on question time.Puyol talked about the technical aspects of water treatment plants intended for use in reverse osmosis plants. The conference was focused on the point of view from Reverse Osmosis Technical Department facing the needs that generate in these facilities. Commercially result in a range elaboration of specific chemical products to cover these needs, such as antiscaling for membranes and cleaning products.Pujol also highlighted the close relationship between the Technical Department and R yD Department, which allows to transfer industrial demand detected by the first in some results (products, cleaning programs, specific software) that are returned as a sales tool to satisfy customers.

Last day of CITEM continued research exhibitions on micro, nano and ultrafiltration, and was closed the Congress. For 2007 will be performed the 7th Congress of CITEM in Brazil.


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