Adiquimica participates in the Workshop on Legionella in Albufeira, Portugal

Adiquímica participates in the workshop organized by the “Comissão Setorial for a Água (CS/04) and the” Instituto Português da Qualidade “(IPQ) which is entitled” Inspecting Prevenção and Legionella us Água Systems “and has objective alert the public and private entities on the problem of Legionella. 

This event will take place on 2014May 16 in the auditorium of ATHEA (Associação dos Hotéis e do Algarve Tourist Empreendimentos) in Albufeira, Portugal. 

The paper with which Adiquímica part is entitled “Inspecting legionella em Hospitality” and will take place at 14:50 h. We look forward to see you!


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