Adiquímica present a communication in VIII Nacional Congress of Environmental Health

Núria Adroer, R yD and Laboratory manager in Adiquímica, presented the titled work “Survival of Legionella in presence of Adiclene 1352, in vitro and in field“, performed in collaboration with Centro Nacional de Microbiologia del Instituto de Salud Carlos III.

This communication aimed to assess the efficacy (in vitro) and effectiveness (in field) of the biocide Adiclene 1352 and analyze differents parameters collected in RD 865/2003 in a cooling tower during almost 2 years. Since the publication of this RD, many biocides are being applied in disinfection treatments for cooling towers, however, there are few studies in which the efficacy and effectiveness of them are evaluated.

This VIII National Congress on Environmental Health has aimed to to strengthen and improve links between two work areas , such as Public Health and Environment, and in this way contribute to proctecting the health of population and also the environment


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