Adiquímica present new biocide and on-line control equipment for Legionella prevention in cooling towers

Adiquímica participation in the XI Spanish and II Iberoamerican Congress of environmental health in Bilbao with a so-called technical paper “new biocide for Legionella prevention in cooling towers, Adiclene 1352-M. On-line analysis and control equipment to achieve to the RD 865/2003 requirements“.

Adiquímica R yD Department has designed and registered a new biocide product to prevent Legionella risk facilities, Adiclene 1352-M. This biocide combines two different non-oxidizing active compunds, which behave in a synergistic manner and favoring microbiological control of the bacterial flora and Legionella risk facilities.

It has also designed and built a new control equipment, Adiconline 1352-M for a tracking on-line of biocide, and thus analyze it and control it daily in treated plants.

This new biocide product has been used for several months in different cooling towers, and in this study we report the obtained results during this time in two cooling towers in different parts of the Spanish geography.


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