Adiquimica’s commitment to equality in support of workers with functional diversity

Adiquímica supports social inclusion, labor integration, and equality. As every year, we offer our collaboration to several entities in order to promote an ethical and engaged environment.

Adiquímica is involved in the change and progress as a benefit for our workers and collaborators. For this reason, in 2018 we wanted to get involved with people with functional diversity in order to grow together.

The Taller Coloma established in 1984 is located Avià, in the region of El Berguedà (Barcelona), and its aim is to offer people withfunctional diversity greater personal fulfillment and socio-labor integration.

The association has two workspaces: the Special Work Center and the Occupational Therapy Service. In the Special Work Center, market operations are carried out regularly, which aim is to ensure a paid job and provide those personal and social services required by their workers.

After an annual evaluation, we can conclude that there has been very positive rapport between the two entities and favorable results have been achieved. For this reason, from Adiquimica, welook forward to strengthening our relationship for a long time to come.

Social inclusion, labor integration and equality


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