Adiquimica’s participation in IWATER

IwaterAdiquímica has participated in IWATER one more year. Barcelona hosted the event, which took place on Gran Via Venue from 13 to 15 November 2018. IWATER was a meeting point for all water sector companies and turned Barcelona into the international focus of debate and business. The event had a comprehensive view that covered the entire water cycle, where the attendees could network, access the latest developments and discover technology and innovation trends.

We can conclude that Adiquimica”s participation in IWATER was very successful: there was large influx of visitors and great interest in our products and services.

Moreover, we could participate with a technical presentation named “Adictech range for the treatment of closed cooling circuits” made by our workmate Jordi Ruiz at the Tech Hub.

Adictech represents a revolution in the treatment of industrial closed cooling circuits. Conventional treatments, based on cathodic, anodic or dual nature inorganic inhibitors, as well as coating compounds may present some lacks when applied in complex circuits giving rise to corrosion problems difficult to correct and operational difficulties. Adictech range is based on a powerful combination of organic inhibitors which allow overcoming the different casuistries that occur in closed circuits linked to the presence of complexing-aggressive species and non-immunity and non-passivity conditions of metallic species present in the system.

This technical presentation generated a lot of interest both at the time of the presentation and later, when we were asked by many people in our stand.

We would like to thank all the people who visited us in our stand and also all those who showed great interest in our technical presentation.