Adiquimica’s success in the event organized by the EDS in Athens

EDSFrom 3 to 6 September, it took place the EDS International Conference on Desalination for the Environment Clean Water and Energy organized by the European Desalination Society. Adiquimica sponsored the event and we had our own stand. Adiquimica also participated in the event presenting a study named METHODOLOGY TO DESIGN COST-EFFECTIVE AND SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANES CLEANING.

The event was organized by the EDS (European Desalination society) and more than 300 people from all over the world took part in it. This event consisted of a commercial part where a great number of exponents met and a scientific-technical part where many technical presentations on desalination were made. Throughout the event, we assisted customers and potential customers, and we had great success in attendance during our technical presentation, which attracted great interest among assistants.

We would like to thank the assistants who visited us in our stand as well as the attendance and interest in our technical presentation.

We can conclude that Adiquimica”s participation in this event was very successful. We would like to meet you in the next events we are participating in, which are detailed below:

– Canagua y Energía: 4-6 October at stand 1 of pavilion 7 (upper floor). Institución Ferial de Canarias (INFECAR) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

– XII AEDyR International Congress: 23-25 October in Toledo. Where we will make the following presentation: EFFECTIVE ANTI-SCALANT TO PREVENT SCALING FORMATION AND DISPERSE COLLOIDAL MATTER IN SEA WATER DESALINATION PLANTS

– IWater. International Integrated Water Cycle Show: 13-15 November in Barcelona. We will be in pavilion 1, Stand A147.


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