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Legionella control requires strict technical monitoring.

With a wide experience, Adiquímica has positioned itself as a leader in Spain in treatments and disinfections needed for prevention and control of Legionella.

What is the right Legionella control required in cooling towers?

Our experience in Legionella control indicates us that a strict monitoring plan, with a adjusted individualized treatment in each facility and a associated implication of all personal in this facility, is essencial a bacteria control.

What kind of facilities are the most problematic?

According RD 865/2003, on 4th July, the facilities are classified depending on danger, possibility of dispersion and pollution by Legionella . The facilities with more outbreaks associated are the cooling towers, though also are drinking water systems (mainly hot water systems), humidifier central, heating water systems with movement, fire systems,etc. Adiquímica offer comprehensive solutions for maintenance, cleaning and disinfecting any installation of risk associated with Legionella.

What environmental and functioning factors are critical for Legionella prevention?

The most important thing to prevent a possibility of contamination by Legionella is to avoid operating conditions that lead a proliferation and contamination by Legionella in risk facilities. For this reason is very important to keep facilities cleaned. It is also important to avoid water temperatures in which the Legionella can multiply and grow optimally. And most significantly, avoiding the maximum dispersion of aerosols formed in risk facilities, to minimize the possibility of transmission.

Monitoring and periodic review of the different parts of facilities, and water sampling to analyze the water quality, are useful tools to perform a good performance program, and are vital for feedback on operating status and conservation in just a moment.

How are based Adiquímica's treatments against legionella?

Treatments of control and Legionella prevention applying by Adiquímica are based on maintenance of a optimal physicochemical and microbiological quality of water in cooling circuits. In this way biofilms formation are avoided and are prevented, and scale and corrosion phenomena in such circuits. This is achieved with the appropriate dosage with the optimal products in each case, such as anticorrosives, antiscalants and biocides. Biocides should be effective in controlling Legionella and other microbiological contamination that can be present in water and they must be registered. The right treatment design for a facility maintenance is a complex problem, for this reason Adiquímica has a specific software to predict chemical behaviour of water. To perform this prediction accurately, it just can be used numerical calculations, and thus the inaccuracies associated can be avoided by using indicatives indexes. For this estimation Adiquímica has developed the computer applications CALCSATU and ADICLEGI.These programs allow accurately simulate the behaviour of different scales present in water circuits, and other phenomena associated with water. Through this knowledge the most appropriate treatment can be designed.

What is based on the success and expansion of Adiquímica at national level?

It is based on the great specialization and on the passion of our company for an excellence in service. In Adiquímica we have full services based on a strong R yD Department, Development and Innovation, and we can offer a global service, from initial analysis to design the best treatment program, until final control of maintenance parametres of facilities treated.

Do you manufacture any product you wish especially highlight?

Following with our goal of providing a full service for Legionella control, our R yD Department has designed specific biocides for Legionella control and he has registered Adicomplet pills, a biocide highly specialized for condensation tray treatment of air conditioning, a product aimed mainly for collective systems such as hotels or public organizations. This biocide controls the possible presence of Legionella and other microorganisms in water condensate of these trays; in this way can be avoided foul odors, and obviously, the most important: possible health problems for people.


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