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Award for innovation at the Pollutec exhibition

On the occasion of the international environmental fair Pollutec 2021, which took place in Lyon from October 12 to 15, Adiquímica, a company specialized in products and services for water treatment, received the Innovation Award.

This award was given for its new Adicontrol technology.

Monitoring and automation of industrial water treatment remains a challenge today because the main solutions on the market are not very scalable.

In response to this, Adiquimica has launched Adicontrol, an integral tool for monitoring, control, automation, digitalisation and integration of water treatment into the plant’s operational strategy. The solution is distinguished by several key points:

– Management and digitisation of information and access to information in real-time based on key performance indicators. This makes it possible to integrate water treatment into the “Smart factory” by facilitating interconnection with the other elements of the plant.

– Integration of all relevant elements and variables in the process that can affect resource savings (water, energy and treatment additives) and keep the circuit in a perfect state of conservation.

– Remote monitoring and two-way communication through the Sense & Connect support package. The support and advice of an industrial water treatment specialist is essential, especially in environments where water management is fully outsourced.

The Adicontrol overcomes the limitations of automating water treatment programmes through the use of standard controllers. The data management and operational indicators provided allow the qualification and training of the plant staff and support the decision making process for an increase in overall productivity.

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