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Courses for water treatments


Renewal certificate online course for Legionella prevention of risk facilities

Thanks to our wide experience we offer through Drextar World, industrial training company, Renewal Certificate Legionella Course

Aimed at professionals who need to renew their certificate after 5 years, fulfilling current regulations.

Aims to adapt staff knowledge to the scientific-technical advances and update their knowledges about current regulation in public health matter and workplace health, identifying critical points and elaborating control programs.


online course for legionella

Certificate course for Legionella prevention of risk facilities

Aimed at all professionals involved in any hygenic-sanitary action of risk facilities, as they can be maintenance technicians, plant operators and company staff involved in maintenance operations.

Aims to present the causes of biofouling and implementation of appropriate treatment to perform a good prevention.

Boilers operator course

For operators who do not possess the necessary qualifications to assume his current job in accordance with the guidelines of Ministry of Energy and Industry. Aims to train operators and to overcome the aptitude tests organized by Industries delegations, in order to obtain the Licence of Boiler Operator.

Renewal certificate course for Legionella prevention of risk facilities

Aimed at all people who obtained their accreditation certificate to carry out hygienic-sanitary maintenance operations 5 years ago and need to renew it.

The course aims to provide the required knowledge to renew the certificate and fulfill the current regulations to keep successfully preventing contamination by Legionella bacteria, according to the Order SCO/317/2003.

Próximas convocatorias

Online course

15-oct-2019 - 30-oct-2019

Renewal certificate online course for Legionella prevention of risk facilities

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