IV Prevention and Control of Legionella Technical Conference in Lisbon on March 30, 2016

On March 30 it will take place in Lisbon the IV edition of Prevention and Control of Legionella Technical Conference organized by Adiquímica.

CS04/IPQ “Prevenção e Controlo de Legionella nos sistemas de água” guide made by the Comissão Setorial para Água, CS/04 of Instituto Portugués da Qualidade, Ministério de Economia e EPAL will be presented at this Conference, as well as preventive and control measures proposed by Adiquímica and associated to the different risk installations susceptible to transmit Legionella, aiming to minimize the risk of presence of this bacteria in water. ESINDUS –manufacturer of cooling towers –will participate in the conference in order to provide manufacturers" point of view about legionellosis prevention.

This is the fourth edition of this kind of Conferences that Adiquímica carries out in Portugal since the end of 2014. These Conferences started to be organized from the legionella outbreak that took place in the area of Villa Franca de Xira by the end of 2014. Adiquímica considered it was very important to contribute to mitigate concern about this topic among the population in general and, mainly, among enterprises that had risk installations against Legionella in Portugal. Adiquímica finds it relevant to organize such technical Conferences on Legionella prevention and control in order to inform all interested people about these problems, as well as to introduce CS04/IPQ “Prevenção e Controlo de Legionella nos sistemas de água” guide that contributes and provides tools to help in such an important task of prevention and control of legionellosis.

In case you are interested in participating, send us an e-mail to adiquimica@adiquimica.com with the following data about the person/people interested:
Company, Name and Surname, and position within the company.

Number of participants is limited to the capacity of the room.

Registration is free.


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