Our commitment to quality, safety, and health at work and the environment

Certifications and quality guarantee

To ensure the excellence in the products and services that we offer to our clients, always keeping respect for the environment, Adiquimica has the ISO 9001  and ISO 14001 certifications.

Likewise, in Adiquimica, we ensure the safety and health of our employees in all the works carried out. As evidence of it, we have the ISO 45001 certification.

Within the quality commitment, our laboratory is accredited by ENAC and has other recognitions in terms of water analysis. You can look them up here.

Adiquimica’s commitment to quality, the environment, and the safety and health of our employees is reflected in the Quality, Environment Management, and Safety and Health at Work Policy, which is available to all interested parties.

To satisfy this goal, Adiquimica has obtained quality certifications for some of its products: Halal Certification, Kosher Certification, and quality certifications for the ADICRO range used in drinking water that confirms their safe use to an international level. Adiquimica also has international quality certificates for products to use in boilers, closed circuits, and cooling towers, among others. To these certifications are added others of technical and business solvency, such as CertLegio, and the approvals of FEDEQUIM and Achilles.

Our social and sustainable commitment

Since our beginning in 1983, we have joined efforts to contribute to a sustainable world, developing chemical products for water treatment, generating employment, and integral well-being for our employees and society.

Our social commitment is based on the conviction that being useful to society builds a better world. Our action in all these years of service reaffirms our will to provide individual and collective well-being to society.

As an example of our commitment, we have been signatories of the global Compact since 2014. United Nations initiative that promotes compliance with ten principles related to humans and labor rights, the environment, and the fight against corruption.

To achieve a sustainable solution to satisfy their demand for quality water and comply with the legislation and the increasingly demanding quality requirements for discharges, we have developed environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, and we have designed action protocols and innovative procedures for the re-use and minimization of the environmental impact caused by the discharge of chemical products into the environment.

Association management and participation in industry events

Adiquimica, committed to its social responsibility, participates actively as a member of AEDyR, APQuimica, AQUAESPAÑA, EDS, CWP, ANECPLA, ACESEM, and IDA associations, which allows us to keep direct contact with new necessities and innovations in the industry.

As experts in the water treatment sector, we also participate in UNE technical committees.

Gestión de Asociaciones y participación en eventos del sector

We also participate in the latest most important events in the water sector, to provide our solutions, such as the Pollutech and Aquatech fairs, and in Congresses and conferences of the sector, among others.

Social Commitment

As a part of its social commitment, Adiquimica makes donations to the IRES FOUNDATION, a foundation specialized in giving comprehensive care to families. A team that works in a synchronized way so that families in a vulnerable situation can build a new future.

Adiquimica collaborates through donations to the tasks carried out by INTERMÓN OXFAM. Among these tasks, there is one carried out in several countries to ensure that every day more and more people have access to drinking water by building the necessary hydrological structures: rainwater collection systems, wells, piping, spring recovery, etc. as some of the most important projects.

Adiquimica collaborates through donations with the ONCOLLIGA organization, which gives support and social care to cancer patients.

Adiquimica also collaborates with TALLER COLOMA, which is a special employment centre through an occupational rehabilitative care, with the aim that each person can achieve maximum social and labour integration.

Additionally, Adiquimica collaborates, with NOELIA FOUNDATION (MARATÓ), which represents and embraces people affected by Muscular Dystrophy due to Collagen VI deficiency and their families.

Adiquimica collaborates with the children’s group, ALDEAS INFANTILES SOS, a non-profit organization founded in Austria. Their specialty is to take care of children based on a family model.

We also collaborate with HOSPITAL SANT JOAN DE DÉU FOUNDATION, which aims to contribute to improving the health and welfare of people, promoting, supporting, and researching with a commitment to science and health.

We complement our support through donations to organizations by collaborating with the wide-ranging, and diversified social work carried out by CARITAS. Not only do they develop activities aimed at assistance, rehabilitation, or social insertion of victims of poverty and social exclusion.

Finally, we collaborate trough donations with RED CROSS CATALONIA, whose main mission is to protect the life and health of people in all circumstances.

Compromiso social

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