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Water analysis and microbiology laboratories

Adiquímica has many water analysis laboratories where we work with different type of water: industrial water (cooling circuits, steam boilers, reverse osmosis, closed circuits, cogeneration engines,...) drinking water, pool and jacuzzi water, wastewater, reclaimed water and sea water.

Adiquímica's laboratories have a broad range of analytical services to cover all the needs our customers may have. They include a wide variety of physic, chemical and microbiological tests.

water analysis laboratory

Equipments to guarantee the reliability of water analyses

Our water analysis laboratories are equipped to achieve high levels of precision and accuracy required by different tests. At the same time, they provide quality and a quick delivery of results. Our highly qualified and experienced team makes it possible day by day.

You can count on our advice

We not only seek to provide analytical results of great quality and precision, but we also advise our clients on the interpretation of those results. Thus, we add value to our test reports and provide solutions to improve the results in case of deviations from the limit values established.

Our water analysis laboratories have the following accreditations and recognitions:



Barcelona's Laboratory is accreditated by UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 regulation for the determined analitics realization in th environmental area

Certificate - Scope

Administración Hidráulica

Collaborating Entity of Hydraulic Administration

Qualification awarded by the Ministry of Environment on waste water and continental water


AgÓ¨ncia Catalana de l'Aigua

Catalan Water Agency

Recognized as an auxiliary facility service for analysis and control of wastewater spills level B


AgÓ¨ncia de Salut Pública de Catalunya

Public Health Agency of Catalonia

Registered in Laboratories' Register of Environmental Health and Food Health in Catalonia. With registration number LSSA-172-02


Castilla la Mancha

Castilla-La Mancha Community

Authorized Laboratory in Laboratories' Register that Analyze substances and products in relation with Environmental Health and Food Health, in sections of Environmental autocontrol with register number LA/SA/CS/020 and Food autocontrol with register numberLA/SA/028


Región de Murcia

Murcia Region

Recognition of accrediting Barcelona Laboratory in Murcia B/067 and Authorization and laboratory register A/067


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