Water treatment in the chemical industry

Adiquimica is a water treatment company with more than 35 years of experience in the chemical industry, managing the complete water cycle, from the pre-treatment, cooling circuits, steam, process water, and WWTP plants.

This sector demands high technical qualifications and outsourcing of water circuits control, which are vital for decision-making when optimizing production and environmental goals. Adiquimica, an expert in industrial water treatment, provides customized solutions to their Chemical Industry clients.

Our goal is to provide solutions and technical improvements in the water treatment of the Chemical Industry, being part of the process from the beginning to the end. Our clients value our daily work and ,for many years, Adiquimica can be trusted as a leading company in this market.

Water treatments for an unstoppable production

In the chemical industry, production continuity is a need. Adiquimica has adapted to this industry where a minor stop equals significant losses. For this reason, we offer different water treatments with chemical elements designed according to the needs of the process and we aim to keep the industrial water quality in all the circuits with the necessary guarantees for a 24/7 operating regime. To achieve this, we offer expert assistance in the plant and process supervision with our ADICONTROL services.

Comprehensive services

We perform water treatment for all classes of facilities, giving comprehensive service to obtain the water quality required in each process.

Water pre-treatment for boilers

In the Chemical Industry, the water pre-treatment for steam boilers is vital. In Adiquimica, we have many successful cases in equipment maintenance as water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, EDI modules, and demineralizers, and mixed-bed equipment that allow the continuous operating at the facilities.

Industria Química - Sala de proceso y control

We carry out studies of fuel and water consumption and the operating regime of the boilers, achieving cost savings and optimizing the processes.

Maximum control in cooling towers

With high inflow and evaporations rates, the water control of industrial cooling towers is crucial to avoid losses in the cooling process efficiency in the chemical industry. To lengthen the heat exchangers life and benefit water-saving, Adiqumica has its own ionic calculation software to select the products and work regime that provides the best results in every situation and type of water.

In the design of specific treatment programs for this type of facility, it is also essential to take into account the maintenance of the physical-chemical and microbiological quality of the water to prevent the presence of Legionella.

With our ADICONTROL® equipment, we control and monitor the process parameters throughout the entire water cycle, in addition to generating control alarms and customized graphical reports with control KPIs to ensure process continuity and plant environmental goals.

Adicontrol sense & connect

WWTP treatment in the chemical industry

Adiquimca has extensive experience in WWTP treatment in chemical plants and understands the complexity of its treatment. We have a wide range of flocculants and coagulants designed according to every plant’s needs.

In addition, we have biological activators and bioindication services for WWTP with biological treatment.

On-site monitoring and water treatment data

Periodic comprobations are necessary for the water control of the different processes. Adiquimica offers monthly or daily customized control visits as an option. We have qualified staff to stay in the plant and perform external controls of raw sewage control, closed circuits, towers, boilers, and their pre-treatment.

Industria Química - Operario en planta

Thanks to the data collected on-site and the measurement of our ADICONTROL® equipment, we gather data on water treatment that allow us to optimize the processes and facilities. Our customers rely on us to propose technical solutions and make decisions in their technical

Quality guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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