Water treatment in the food industry and beverage manufacture

Adiquimica is positioned as the leading national company for water treatment in the Food Industry and beverage manufacture, with over 800 satisfied clients in the sector.

Adiquimica provides a comprehensive water treatment service for any class of food industry. Here are a few examples of some of the subsectors we work at, going from cold (storage) room condenser treatment to steam boilers treatment in the meat industry.

We ensure not only to maintain the optimal quality of water but also of the different processes that are carried out in each type of industry.

Embotelladoras - Industria alimentaria

Clients we work with

  • Dairy industry
  • Fruits and vegetable
  • Meet industry
  • Cereals, flours, and by-products
  • Animals alimentation products
  • Alcoholic drinks and beverages
  • Sugar
Industria alimentaria -

Personalized water treatment in the food industry

In the elaboration of different foods and the raw material processing, processes as refrigeration, heating, and production take place as necessary to obtain the final product. From Adiquimica, we study and evaluate the needs of every client installation to develop the most appropriate water treatment, looking for the best quality-cost relation.

Monitoring and control

With the 4.0 industry arrival and the automation era, every time, more and more clients need online control of the processes of water treatment. To provide solutions and improve processes optimization, we have a wide range of water monitoring and control equipment applicable to all types of circuits. Our ADICONTROL equipment allows, with automatic data interpretation, to optimize the performance of the installations.


Water production equipment for the food industry and beverages

We have an R+D+i department that analyzes and studies every specific situation in order to finally recommend the best treatment option proposing, for instance, the installation of reverse osmosis equipment, filtration equipment, and/or dosage equipment. We design, install and maintain the equipment giving a comprehensive water treatment service.

Osmosis - Industria alimentaria

Quality Guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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