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Water analysis

In Adiquímica we carry out a wide variety of water analysis depending on the needs of our customers and the type of sample to analyze. The major part of samples our laboratory receives come from industrial facilities (cooling circuits, steam boilers, reverse osmosis, closed circuits, cogeneration engines, treatment plants, etc.), where physical, chemical and microbiological parameters are analyzed to verify that they comply with the current legislation and to ensure a proper water quality according to their use. This includes the analysis of different substances and/or compounds by spectrophotometric techniques, electrometry, ion chromatography and other specific methodologies, as well as detection and enumeration of different microorganisms present in water.

water analysis - water sample

We carry out water analysis to comply with the current legislation

In the particular case of cooling circuits and in all the other Legionella proliferation risk installations the tests included in Annexes of ROYAL DECREE 865/2003, of July 4, which establishes the hygienic-sanitary criteria for the prevention and control of Legionellosis are carried out, as well as other analytical parameters which allow checking that water quality is appropriate for each treated facility. It is noteworthy that Adiquímica has a powerful microbiology laboratory where a large number of assays for the detection and quantification of Legionella are carried out according to ISO 11731 Standard to check the absence of these bacteria in the different facilities treated with our products.

water analysis

We also analyze wastewater to verify that they comply with the limits established in the different Decrees and Ordinances on discharge that may be applied to our customers. Likewise, we carry out coagulation-flocculation tests (jar-test) to determine the most suitable product dosage for wastewater treatment and treatment plant sludge.

Adiquímica also carries out the necessary tests to confirm that drinking water samples comply with the limits established in the ROYAL DECREE 140/2003, of February 7, by which health criteria for the quality of water intended for human consumption are established. This includes drinking water quality testing and chemical potability analysis.

Finally, we also analyze pool and jacuzzi water quality to check it complies with the different autonomic legislations in terms of pools of collective use and Royal Decree 742/2013, of September 27, which establishes the technical-sanitary criteria of pools.

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