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Water treatment company

Adiquímica has been offering comprehensive products and services for industrial water treatment for more than 35 years. Contact us to get a personalised water treatment, always pursuing the most competitive solution from a cost-benefit point of view, respecting our commitment to quality, safety, workplace health and the environment.


We apply the best technical solutions in water treatment in a sustainable environment


We offer suitable products for water treatment and innovative products and services that allow the continuous improvement in energy and water savings for our customers



Industrial water treatment company

Adiquímica is a chemical products manufacturing company that offers advanced solutions for water treatment with the aim of covering in a comprehensive and sustainable way all the needs related to water quality and treatment of water facilities.

As a water treatment company, we seek to implement the most appropriate treatment in each case. To do so, we will carry out a personalised preliminary study to establish your needs and we can offer the most profitable treatments for your company or installation.

We are a leading water treatment company in the national market. We have a strong presence in all industrial sectors: electricity, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, refining, metallurgy, paper, cement, food and beverages, automotive, as well as in the service sector, hospitals and desalination plants.


We develop our own products

Since 1983 we have been developing a wide range of our own products to guarantee the success of water treatment in any installation. From our R+D+i laboratories we are constantly improving processes and products to offer our customers effective treatments.

We develop and manufacture chemical products for any type of water treatment: antifoulants, anti-corrosives, dispersants, biocidal agents, biodispersants, cleaners, flocculants, coagulants and defoamers for the treatment of cooling towers, steam boilers, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis reversal (EDR), electrodeionisation (EDI), sanitary water, closed circuits, cogeneration engines, power plants, wastewater and reclaimed water.

After the outbreak of legionellosis in 1996 in Alcalá de Henares and in order to control it, we developed the first product registered in Spain by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs to control and prevent the presence of Legionella in cooling towers.

Comprehensive service and personalised attention

In order to provide a fast response to your needs, as a water treatment company we offer you total coverage throughout Spain from our more than 10 offices with sales technicians and qualified water analysis laboratories in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Santander, Zaragoza, Pontevedra, Almeria, the Basque Country, Extremadura, the Balearic Islands (Mallorca) and the Canary Islands (Tenerife).

We also provide extensive international coverage through our offices in Montpellier, Lyon and Lisbon, together with our network of distributors in Central Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

From these locations, our technicians offer a global service that covers from the design of the optimal water treatment for your facilities, to the control of the plant’s operating parameters. All our chemical products are manufactured and distributed from our manufacturing plant located in the province of Barcelona.

We have water and solid waste analysis laboratories in our different offices, equipped with the most advanced analytical techniques and measuring equipment, which allow us to carry out a wide range of physical-chemical and microbiological analyses. Thanks to these laboratories, we reduce waiting times for results and can quickly provide the most appropriate treatment solutions for each case.


Smart solutions

We offer specific solutions that we developed for each particular case, but without forgetting that you require the most competitive solution form a cost-benefit point of view. The technical – commercial department works in collaboration with the research department, whose goal is to offer and facilitate all the existing tools and technical innovations to provide you with the most effective treatments taking into account your specific needs carrying out personalised studies.

We offer you our support and advice on water treatment based on our expert software and our control and monitoring equipment, which we have been developing and innovating continuously for more than 35 years. With this support you will be able to supervise all your water treatment installations globally and effectively.

Constant innovation in water treatments

We are a water treatment company that is firmly committed to R+D+i. We have built our reputation by understanding our costumers’ needs and finding the optimal solutions to achieve the quality, productivity and economic objectives required in a constantly changing environment. Through constant research and future vision, we continue to develop products, processes and control systems with the aim of minimize operating costs and maximize the performance of facilities by extending their useful life, while minimizing the environmental impact.

Quality guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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