Water treatment in automotive industry and auxiliary services

The automotive industry, similarly to the chemical industry, stands out for its demanding production levels, which can hardly afford technical stoppages. Adiquimica stands out in water treatment for automotive and auxiliary services, with years of experience in the sector, with dozens of clients.

The automotive sector demands high technical qualification and outsourcing the control of water circuits, which are vital for decisions making when it comes to optimizing its production and environmental goals. From Adiquimica, we provide special services to solve problems in water installations with maximum agility.

Water treatments designed to offer solutions

After years of experience in the sector, Adiquimica knows the speed and the constant work pressure at which engineering and auxiliary services in the automotive industry work. At Adiquimica we have personalized water treatment for the automotive sector. These treatments have been developed with the R+D+i department which has provided technical solutions to all kinds of problems.


Some of our technical solutions in water treatment in the automotive industry and ancillary/auxiliary services are:

  • Treatment in critical closed circuits for welding robots
  • Removal of impurities in mirrors and headlight moulds
  • Optimization of tower treatment in furnaces with heat exchangers
  • Suggestion for improvement in biocide and filtering treatment
  • Reduction of fluorides from the use of paints and metals in discharge waters
  • Personalized cleaning and disinfection works

Working side by side with our clients

At Adiquimica we feel we are partners with our customers. They always value our proactivity when it comes to providing solutions to their problems. In addition to customized solutions, we have a powerful in-house laboratory that gives us the necessary agility to modify and optimize treatments.

We have the latest legal updates on legionellosis, and access to documentation is always available thanks to our digital user area.

empresa tratamiento de aguas automocion

As special services, we also offer on-demand, internal plant personnel to carry out daily tasks assigned to water treatment (checking pumps, modifying dosage, on-site measurements, etc.) and personalised training courses to get to know the needs of each installation as much as possible.

Maximum control in cooling towers

For the automotive industry, water control of industrial cooling towers is crucial to avoid performances losses in production processes. To extend the life of the exchangers and favour water saving, Adiquimica has an ionic calculation software available to select the products and working regime that offer the best results in each situation and type of water.

In the design of specific treatment programs for this type of installation, it is also essential to take into account the maintenance of the physical-chemical and microbiological quality of the water in order to prevent the presence of Legionella.

With our ADICONTROL® range of equipment, we control and monitor process parameters throughout the entire water cycle, as well as generate control alarms and customized graphic reports with control KPIs to ensure process continuity and the plant’s environmental objectives.

Adicontrol sense & connect

Waste water optimization

The automotive industry works with small purifications plants for paint and polishing lines for metal parts, often with critical discharge problems.

Paint lines usually have problems with SS and fluorides in paints, which are presented as an emulsion. From Adiquimica, we study the best combination of coagulation-pH-adjustment-flocculant to comply with the discharge. In polishing purification lines, the usual problems are detergents and metals. We have metal precipitation agents, such as ADIC 830, to remove metals that cannot be removed by pH precipitation.

Adiquímica can offer customised treatments depending on the amount of metals in the discharges, taking into account the particularities of each case, to increase metal precipitation yields and reduce discharge parameters to comply with discharge regulations.

Quality guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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