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Legionella control and prevention in hotels and shopping centres

We are committed to reducing the risk of legionellosis in major hotel chains and shopping centres, as well as, office buildings, where we offer control, disinfection, and facility improvement services.

Legionella risk facilities in hotels and shopping centres are certainly among the most important in terms of public safety. These facilities are usually located in urban centres and affect a significant number of people.


At Adiquímica, we work at a national level with several hotel chains, and we manage the control of legionella in installations such as:

  • Cooling towers
  • Drinking water (hot and cold)
  • Cisterns and accumulators
  • Jacuzzis and swimming pools.

We have accredited laboratories and certified personnel to comply with the recent new regulation R.D. 487/2022, and we have 40 years of experience in the sector.

Given the importance of legionella in these facilities, we carry out Legionella Prevention and Control Plans (LPCP) following current regulations adapted to each client.

Contro y prevencion legionella en hoteles

Water treatment in cooling circuits

For critical installations in this type of centre, such as cooling towers, we have all kinds of tools that help us not only to improve control against legionella but also to optimise processes in terms of performance.

Thanks to control equipment such as Adicontrol and chemical treatment design software, we can optimise the operation of the installations. Because we know that although the absence of contamination is vital, so are the correct operation and water and resources saving goals.

Treatment of closed circuits in buildings and shopping centres

Tratamiento circuitos cerrados en edificios

Commercial buildings often have air conditioning and hot and cold water circuits, which can have a volume of several thousand litres. For the correct treatment of metals, exchangers, and pumps, we have a range of anti-corrosion and anti-fouling products specially formulated for each case.

Thanks to our experience and analytical monitoring, we can maintain and recondition installations in all types of buildings.

Indoor Air Quality in buildings – IAQ

The monitoring of environmental factors that can affect people’s well-being (temperature, humidity, CO2…) is a measure that contributes to improving the feeling of comfort and the productivity of a building’s workers.

Calidad del aire CAI

According to the 2013 Regulation on Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE), the IDA2 category, defined as good quality air, refers to indoor air quality in hotels and offices, among others. The first step to obtaining it is to analyse the indoor air quality and hygiene of the air conditioning systems according to the requirements of the UNE 171330 and UNE 100012 standards referenced in the RITE 2013.

calidad de aire en hoteles y edificios

The condition assessment of HVAC air conditioning and ventilation systems allows us to evaluate the condition of HVAC systems and assess improvements to them. Our goal is to help our clients improve the condition of their HVAC systems and the indoor air quality of their building.

Quality guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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