Industrial water treatment

Water treatment for industries with customised products

Adiquímica, a manufacturer of chemical products, offers all kinds of advanced solutions for water treatment.

We aim to cover comprehensively and sustainably all the needs regarding water quality and treatment of water installations. That is why we study, design, and optimise the best water treatment for each case.

empresa tratamiento de aguas automocion

Water treatment for all types of companies and industries

tratamiento agua todo tipo de empresa e industria

At Adiquímica, we help our clients to offer quality products and services independently of their sector. Thanks to customised treatments for each industry and type of installation, we bring innovation and experience to all companies that use water for production or secondary processes

We have all the necessary equipment to provide service in the following facilities:

Cooling circuits

We provide a comprehensive service for cooling towers and evaporative condensers, from the manufacture and supply of chemical products (biocides, anticorrosives, or antifouling), to water-saving projects, cleaning, and disinfection, or automated analytical treatment with our most powerful equipment.

Boiler treatment

We offer chemical boiler treatment with several lines of anti-corrosion and anti-fouling products for high, medium, and low pressure water-steam systems. We carry out chemical cleaning and complete analytical monitoring, as well as water-saving studies.

Reverse osmosis

We provide our clients with water production equipment ranging from desalination plants to small semi-industrial equipment. We carry out customised comparative cost studies and chemical treatment and control of reverse osmosis.


We have a wide range of formulations for industrial wastewater treatment, whatever the sector. We carry out visits to the client’s premises to carry out jar-tests and define the best treatment.

Energy plants

Energy treatment plants require water analysis methods with low detection limits, such as ICP and continuous external advice.

Drinking water

We treat all types of drinking water from large hotel chains, hospitals, and industrial water. We install control and monitoring equipment, in addition to cleaning and disinfection, applying the most recent regulations.

Cogeneration engines

For cogeneration engines we have developed highly effective formulations for different types of metallurgies. We apply our most accurate control software to keep the systems in optimal operating conditions.

Control and Prevention of Legionella

Pioneers at national level in the control and prevention of Legionella, we are experts in the treatment of Legionella at all levels. We have our own certified laboratory for Legionella analysis.

We participate in, support, and lead projects that have a high impact on our customers

We have been supporting our clients for almost 40 years in water treatment from all types of industrial processes

  • We design customised treatments to meet our clients’ resource-saving plans.
  • Quality control of the products thanks to our own manufacturing plant.
  • Technical assistance and rapid R+D.
  • Technological innovation 4.0 for the world of water.
  • Up-to-date in regulatory and legal matters
  • We take care of installations and water saving
tratamiento de aguas industriales

At the forefront of water treatment

We have a solid R+D department which, together with the technical-commercial department, has developed more than 380 products for our customers, whom we advise with a multidisciplinary team capable of finding the right solution for each situation.

In response to the demand of industry 4.0 in Adiquímica, we have our customisable range of Adicontrol equipment. An innovative monitoring and control system capable of managing the main operating parameters of your facility in real-time. Its modular composition allows it to provide a solution to all water treatment needs.

Peace of mind for you and security for your facility

  • It supervises the installation to maximise its service life and reduce operating costs.
  • The installation is permanently motorised by our experts.
  • Promotes savings by minimising the use of resources, water, energy, and additives.
  • Future Ready modular expansion allows Adicontrol to adapt to the future needs of the installation.

Satisfied customers

In our almost 40 years of experience in water treatment, we have helped companies of all types, sizes, and sectors. Our thousands of customers often recommend us and consider us as their main water partner. Next to them, we continue to add experience and constant innovation and development.

  • More than 4000 customers in Spain, Portugal, and France.
  • More than 23,000 installations treated
  • Present with 20 offices and 8 international distributors

We help all industries to benefit from proper water treatment, keep their facilities safe, and achieve their environmental savings targets.

Benefits of water treatment for the environment

Quality water has a significant impact on the environment.

Thanks to Adiquímica’s water treatments, our customers can offer higher benefits to society as a whole:

  • Thousands of final users have better food safety.
  • Availability of drinking water (improvement of water quality)
  • Control and prevention of legionella in sanitary water
  • Development of new Adicgreen green range products

To provide a sustainable solution to meet the demand for quality water, comply with legislation, and increasingly demanding discharge quality requirements, we have developed environmentally friendly and biodegradable products.

We design action protocols and innovative procedures for the reuse and minimisation of the environmental impact caused by the discharge of chemical products from your water treatments into the environment.

Quality guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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