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Drinking water treatments

Drinking water is understood to be any water system intended for human consumption; therefore, it is very important to follow some strict rules and hygiene measures that guarantee water quality and people's health.

You can avoid and solve corrosion, scaling and microbiological growth problems with our different drinking water treatments; moreover, you can be sure that it meets all quality standards.

drinking water treatments

In order to carry out different water treatments, we apply legislation on drinking water quality and on prevention of legionellosis; consequently, water in your facilities maintains its quality thanks to our drinking water treatments. This is achieved by carrying out every inspection and action protocol established in legislations and with the advice and participation, when needed, of our specialized technicians.

Products to guarantee your drinking water quality

In Adiquímica, we produce our own products for water treatment to ensure the presence of the proper active ingredients for an excellent effectiveness. Our aim is to provide products that guarantee your water meets all quality standards described in the current legislation.

drinking water treatment faucet

As each facility has specific needs, we study your particular case and use the most appropriate chemical products for your circuit in order to carry out the best anticorrosive - antiscaling and disinfectant treatment. With these drinking water treatments, you will keep your circuits in optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions at the same time that you minimize biocides oxidant effects on the circuit's metallic surface.

Drinking water treatments monitoring

We use automatic control equipments and monitoring software in order to control water treatments effectiveness. Equipments are used to dose the chemical products needed for the water treatment in order to ensure the proper water quality of the circuits. Our equipments are of our own design and manufacture, so they are fully customizable according to your facilities needs. Furthermore, we complement your equipment with an expert monitoring software, which allow you to have access to the key performance indicators (KPI'S), analyses and also to download historical data of your drinking water treatments.


Adiconline FQ

Complete solution for the measurement, control and record of the main operational parameters in industrial cooling circuits. The equipment is customizable according to the needs and characteristics of each concrete case and, optionally, it can integrate a data acquisition module (Adicontrol Web) for remote inquiry of the installation state via internet in real time.



Adic is an application designed to facilitate the implementation of monitoring and control main operating parameters. It has a database where all analyzes are stored and provides graphical tools which allow analyse themeasured parameter evolution and predict trends.

It also includes a powerfuk knowledge base - generated Adiquimica accumulated experience in water treatment sector- that, depending on the results of analysis performed, automatically suggests corrective actions when it is required.

Optionally, it is distributed with:

  • Adicheck: Application for managing revisions at facility elements(equipments, pumps, filters...) which can generate and maintain a informatic record of their functioning.
  • Adicontrol: Application for monitoring and remote control of equipment installed.


Quality guarantee

Garantía de calidad - tratamiento de circuitos de refrigeración




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