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Wastewater treatments

We know there are many types of wastewater facilities. In Adiquímica, we study your particular case and offer you the most appropriate wastewater treatment according to your needs so that you can get a proper control of the water of your installation and optimize its resources.

Thanks to the wide range of products and services we have available, managed by a technical team specialized in the sector that works in close collaboration with R+D+i department, we can carry out the best and most appropriate treatment in each case.

wastewater treatments

The wastewater treatment we offer includes, in addition to the supply of the most appropriate chemical products for your facilities, an analytical monitoring of the different stages of wastewater disposal process as well as technical and legal advice to comply with the discharge limits established. Therefore, we will arrange everything so that your facility complies with all applicable laws and regulations and you don"t have to worry about anything.

Moreover, we carry out the necessary laboratory tests to optimize the water quality of your facilities and minimize products consumption used in physico-chemical treatment. Thus, we reduce operating costs of your wastewater treatment plant.

Products to comply with current discharge regulations

We have available the chemical products required to act on the different processes that take place in a wastewater treatment plant: decanting, flotation, sludge dewatering, bioflocculation in biological reactors and foam removal. All of them can be used in all types of industries.

wastewater treatment

Our range of products for wastewater treatment includes organic and inorganic coagulants, flocculants (solids, in emulsion or dispersion) and anti-foaming. Likewise, we have also available a specific range of coagulants and flocculants for drinking water treatments. We also offer solutions in the form of dehydrated bacteria to use in wastewater biological treatments (bioaugmentation).

We perform different laboratory tests with the aim of optimizing water quality of our customers and reagents consumption. Jar-tests and sludge dewatering studies allow us determining the best coagulation-flocculation treatments. Zeta potential and flocs formation studies are also carried out with a photometric dispersion analyser. Finally, we validate treatments effectiveness through the analytical determination of different parameters linked to discharge limits.

Equipments for the proper products for wastewater treatment dosage

Adiquímica has available equipments to dose the different products used in wastewater treatment. This includes dosing pumps for different working flows and ranges of viscosity, static mixer, etc. We also have available our own equipments to control and monitor operational parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, redox, etc.

You can reduce costs and get a better control of water with our dosing equipments for coagulants/flocculants and treated water quality monitoring equipments.


Adiconline FQ

Complete solution for the measurement, control and record of the main operational parameters in industrial cooling circuits. The equipment is customizable according to the needs and characteristics of each concrete case and, optionally, it can integrate a data acquisition module (Adicontrol Web) for remote inquiry of the installation state via internet in real time.

Dosing pumps

Essential elements to implement any chemical treatment. Their structure depends on the type of fluid to treat and the operational parameters (flow and backpressure). Dosing pumps can be governed by Adiconline and Adicontrol range equipments for integration in control laws defined to implement treatments.


Quality guarantee

Garantía de calidad - tratamiento de circuitos de refrigeración




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