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Water treatment in cogeneration systems

The increasing use of cogeneration systems in the industrial landscape has led Adiquímica to develop a specific range of products and services to treat water in these types of facilities.

Engines complexity at the level of design and building materials and the different manufacturers' requirements have led to a highly specialized operational line with maintenance products, chemical cleaning, passivation and biocide agents that allow maintaining the circuits in optimal working conditions, thus maximizing their useful lifetime.

cogeneration engines

Specific products for an optimum conservation of circuits of cogeneration engines

The products range developed for cogeneration engines takes into account the types of metal used to build water circuits of a system of these characteristics and also water quality requirements set by the different cogeneration engines manufacturers at the level of treatment.

In Adiquímica, we have available formulates which include highly effective anticorrosive active ingredients for different types of metallurgy and biocide active ingredients which ensure the absence of microorganisms that may lead to the development of corrosion phenomena in the circuits due to the generation of by-products of its metabolism.

Dosage and exhaustive control of the implemented treatments

In order to monitor the most representative parameters of the circuits, Adiquímica puts at your disposal management software to monitor water quality in your circuits and equipments to dose specific products for cogeneration engines. Using them, you will keep the materials of the circuit and operating performance in optimal preservation conditions.

cogeneration systems

Available equipments

Dosing pumps

Essential elements to implement any chemical treatment. Their structure depends on the type of fluid to treat and the operational parameters (flow and backpressure). Dosing pumps can be governed by Adiconline and Adicontrol range equipments for integration in control laws defined to implement treatments.



Adic is an application designed to facilitate the implementation of monitoring and control main operating parameters. It has a database where all analyzes are stored and provides graphical tools which allow analyse themeasured parameter evolution and predict trends.

It also includes a powerfuk knowledge base - generated Adiquimica accumulated experience in water treatment sector- that, depending on the results of analysis performed, automatically suggests corrective actions when it is required.

Optionally, it is distributed with:

  • Adicheck: Application for managing revisions at facility elements(equipments, pumps, filters...) which can generate and maintain a informatic record of their functioning.
  • Adicontrol: Application for monitoring and remote control of equipment installed.


Adic-ionic is a powerful software tool that combines a resolution algorithm of a several equations system describing chemical and ionic balances in a certain type of water and an expert system, where Adiquimica experience is collected in water treatment sector. This application aims to recommend, in industrial cooling circuits, product(s) and most appropriate dose for inhibiting scale formation of sparingly soluble salts into the system, control corrosion phenomena in recirculating water streams and prevent microbiological development in areas at risk.

Adic-ionic simulates water behavior in an evaporative cooling circuit, and predicts scaling risk into the system. Thereby, from a iterative calculation, Adi-ionic allows determine the optimal operating concentration factor to minimize feed water consumption maintaining supersaturation indexes below the maximum allowable limits. Similarly, and depending on the more restrictive metal presence in the circuit, Adic-Ionic also includes the presence of species with corrosive effect on calculation of optimal operating concentration factor.

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