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Water treatment in reverse osmosis facilities, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and/or electrodialysis reversal (EDR)


Our goal is to optimize your plant's operating costs by applying the best treatment to maintain the proper water quality in reverse osmosis facilities, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and/or EDR, thus improving their performance. We can achieve this goal by determining the exact causes of fouling, performing a membrane autopsy and designing the different cleaning tests which allow us selecting the most suitable reverse osmosis maintenance treatment and optimal product dosage in each case. Likewise, studies "ad-hoc" of input water allow us predicting fouling risks that we may find in membranes of each facility.


membrane autopsy


Use of the latest techniques to guarantee the success of treatments

For the maintenance of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and/or electrodialysis reversal (EDR) we incorporate in our studies the most advanced analysis techniques: optical microscopy of the deposit, studies with scanning electron microscopy, Energy Dispersive X-Ray (SEM-EDX) analysis and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis, among others. These techniques provide very accurate diagnosis of what is happening in the system and allow us making the most appropriate decisions for the maintenance of your reverse osmosis and other systems.


reverse osmosis plant


Exhaustive monitoring for an optimal treatment

We monitor operating parameters of the reverse osmosis plant before and after the cleaning with the aim of optimizing the cleaning protocol. This allows us choosing the most suitable cleaning products to remove the detected fouling, and determining the optimal product dosage.


Exhaustive control of the treatments with equipments and specific software

With the aim of facilitating the optimal product dosage and have a thorough control of the different treatments, we have developed different expert software to simulate water behavior in different facilities. These applications are a basic tool to design our treatments. Our experience in the sector turns into a continuous improvement in the development of our software and an adaptation to the new requirements of the sector. For this reason, we have incorporated to our software unique and reliable systems that include our expert knowledge.

In order to correctly monitor our antiscaling products dosage in plant, we have available equipments designed and developed by our R+D+i department. The equipments determine the concentration of the antiscaling active ingredient in our input or output water and let us make punctual or online determinations.


reverse osmosis


Available equipments

Adiconline RO

Measurement and record online system of anti-scaling active ingredient in reverse osmosis installations. It can optionally integrate a data acquisition module (Adicontrol Web) for remote inquiry of the levels of conditioning product in the installation e via internet, in real time.


Portable system to measure antiscaling active ingredient of ADICRO range products in reverse osmosis installations.

Adiconline FQ

Complete solution for the measurement, control and record of the main operational parameters in industrial cooling circuits. The equipment is customizable according to the needs and characteristics of each concrete case and, optionally, it can integrate a data acquisition module (Adicontrol Web) for remote inquiry of the installation state via internet in real time.

Dosing pumps

Essential elements to implement any chemical treatment. Their structure depends on the type of fluid to treat and the operational parameters (flow and backpressure). Dosing pumps can be governed by Adiconline and Adicontrol range equipments for integration in control laws defined to implement treatments.


Available software


Adic is an application designed to facilitate the implementation of monitoring and control main operating parameters. It has a database where all analyzes are stored and provides graphical tools which allow analyse themeasured parameter evolution and predict trends.

It also includes a powerfuk knowledge base - generated Adiquimica accumulated experience in water treatment sector- that, depending on the results of analysis performed, automatically suggests corrective actions when it is required.

Optionally, it is distributed with:

  • Adicheck: Application for managing revisions at facility elements(equipments, pumps, filters...) which can generate and maintain a informatic record of their functioning.
  • Adicontrol: Application for monitoring and remote control of equipment installed.


AdicRo software allows simulate water behavior in reverse osmosis, based on feed water composition, pH, temperature, plant conversion and membranes used. AdicRo software calculates osmotic pressure, ionic strength and values corrected according to ionic strength of solubility products of species to precipitate. These values are used to calculate Supersaturation Index, Langelier Saturation Index, Stiff&Davis Stability Index, fouling index and scaling potentials to predict if there is a risk of scaling or fouling membranes.

AdicRo software recommends the most appropriate antiscaling and calculates optimal inhibitor dose to protect membranes against the formation and deposition of insoluble species, optimizing plant operation, minimizing operating costs and minimizing environmental impact involved in chemical waste into the environment. This program indicates if treated water will be within acceptable limits for the different supersaturation indexes and fouling indexes. AdicRO program allows calculate the necessary amount of acid or alkali dosing in feed water for pH controlling.

The most significative difference of AciRo software, respect to the majority prediction's programs of scaling in reverse osmosis systems, it is that it incorporates a precise calculation module of water ionic balances into the different streams of reverse osmosis. With ionic balances model of AdicRo software, limitations and restrictions of predictions for scaling formation based on simplified indexes are removed.


Adiclean software is a computer tool designed to diagnose the type of fouling in reverse osmosis and recommend the most effective cleaning protocol.

Adiclean software incorporates an Expert System (ES) which emulates the reasoning process of an expert during making decisions. This ES is designed and built taking into consideration technical, economic and environmental, incorporates three main modules: the knowledge base, the facts base and inference engine. The knowledge base includes all knowledge of cleaning processes, organized and represented with decision trees and codified by If-then rules. All this knowledge is acquired from literature, plant symptoms, evolution of normalized operating parameters, interviews with experts, lab test and efficacy of cleaners from Adiclean range.

The facts base contains all the facts from real cases, constantly updating, to get the newly acquired knowledge, y inference engine is the computer tool that controls reasoning from ESto determine contamination causes and recommend the best cleaning protocol.

Adiclean software also evaluates the cleaning efficacy comparing normalized operating parameters before and after cleaning.


Quality guarantee

Garantía de calidad - tratamiento de circuitos de refrigeración




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