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Internacional Certification

Our commitment with quality and excellence forces us to fulfill our customers” needs exploring new solutions and technologies thus extending our product portfolio with international certification that we already had. At the beginning of the year, we obtained the registration corresponding to the industrial quality certification for use in the food industry for the treatment of steam boilers for several products, and now we want to announce that we have recently obtained new registrations for several products used in the treatment of closed circuits and cooling towers. This new certificate makes the products suitable to be used in water treatments for closed circuits and cooling towers in the food industry. Being NSF certified allows demonstrating our customers that we have a range of suitable and optimal products for the treatment of this type of facilities in a sector where highly quality products are demanded.

Meeting our customers” requirements is essential to access both national and international markets. Certain markets, like Jewish food sector, require specific certification (Kosher certificate). Adiquimica renewed Kosher certification after corresponding annual audit.

And of course, we keep the international certification for our range of products used in water desalination for potabilization purposes.

Once again, our commitment with quality leads us to renew our products” certifications proving that they fulfill our worldwide customers” requirements.


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