Workday of Hospital Engineering 2010, Barcelona

Adiquímica participated April 2010 in Barcelona, in the Workday of Hospital Engineering organized by Direcció d'Infraestructures i Serveis Tècnics de l'Institut Català de la Salud.

Representing the company attended Josep Coeltas, graduated in Chemistry; during question time, he had the collaboration of Núria Adroer, Doctor in Chemical Sciences and Head of R yD Department of our Laboratories.

Under the control and prevention of Legionellosis in hospital settings were developed the following points:

  • Products suitable for human drinking water, according to the applicable regulation (RD 140/2003. Order SAS/19157, Biocide Directive).
  • Chlorine Chemistry. Effectiveness as a disinfectant.
  • Disinfection treatments of domestic water systems: hyperchlorination. and/or thermal shocks.
  • Preventing adverse effects of these treatments in facilities
  • Training of Involved staff.

Legionella Guide. Risk assessement.


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