Automotive water treatments

Customized treatment

Automotive water treatments and auxiliary services

The automobile industry, as well as chemical industry, stands out for its demanding production levels, which can hardly afford technical stoppages.

At Adiquimica we are highly qualified to offer automotive water treatments and auxiliary services, and we provide special services to solve problems in water installations with maximum agility.

Auxiliary services

Water treatments designed to offer solutions

After years of experience in the sector, we know the pace and pressure in the work of the automotive and auxiliary services sector. For this reason, we offer personalized water treatments, developed together with the R&D&I department, which have provided technical solutions to all types of problems.

Some of our technical solutions in automotive water treatment and auxiliary services are:



Water treatments adapted to the industry

We offer water treatments for all types of facilities, providing a comprehensive service to obtain the required water quality in each process.


Monitoring and control | ADICONTROL®

ADICONTROL® is a technology designed for monitoring water treatments, allowing savings and higher productivity.


Treatment of cooling circuits

Avoid loss of thermal performance in the installation and prolong its useful life with the treatment for refrigeration circuits.


Treatment of steam boilers

Improve the efficiency of your installation and reduce maintenance costs with our water treatment for industrial boilers.


Reverse osmosis treatment

We are specialists in water treatment for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reversible electrodialysis (EDR) installations.


Treatments for the prevention of Legionella

We offer personalized solutions for the control and prevention of Legionella, ensuring compliance with current regulations.


Wastewater treatment

We help you to comply with the discharge limits by current regulations with a treatment adapted to the needs of your company.


Your peace of mind is the most important thing for us

At Adiquímica we feel like partners of our clients and we make sure to offer you the best service:


We have a powerful internal laboratory that gives us the necessary agility to modify and optimize treatments.

Legal documentation

We have legal updates on legionellosis, and access to documentation is always available in our digital client area.

In-house staff

We offer the service of having internal personnel in the plant to carry out daily tasks assigned to water treatment.

Customized training

We teach tailored training courses to fully understand the needs of each installation.

Cooling towers

Maximum control in cooling towers in the automotive industry

For the automotive industry, water control in industrial cooling towers is crucial to avoid performance losses.

With the aim of extending the life of the exchangers and promoting water savings, we have ionic calculation software that selects the optimal products for your treatment.

With ADICONTROL®, we control and monitor process parameters throughout the entire water cycle, in addition to generating control alarms and graphic reports, to ensure the continuity of the process and the environmental objectives of the plant.

Discharge water

Optimization of discharge water in the automotive industry

The automotive industry works with small treatment plants for painting and metal parts polishing lines, often with critical discharge problems.

We solve spill problems in the painting and polishing lines of metal parts

Specific treatment

Paint lines usually have problems associated with SS and fluorides in paints, which are in emulsion form. At Adiquimica, we study the best combination of coagulation-pH adjustment-flocculant to comply with the discharge.


In parts polishing purification lines, the usual problem is detergents and metals. We have metal precipitation agents, such as ADIC 830, to remove metals that cannot be broken down by pH precipitation and reduce pouring parameters to comply with regulations.


The most relevant news in the sector

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