Treatment of water for human consumption


Improve water quality with our specialized products and treatments

At Adiquímica we aim protect people’s health.

All our drinking water treatments are designed to prevent and solve microbiological growth problems, ensuring that the water complies with all drinking quality standards. Including the prevention of Legionella presence. Including prevention of the presence of Legionella.

We manufacture our own products for the treatment of sanitary water, with the aim of complying with the quality requirements established in the legislation and offering excellent effectiveness.


We make a study of your company to apply the most appropriate chemical products and carry out the best anticorrosive, antifouling, and disinfectant treatment.

Optimum conditions

With our treatments, your water circuit will maintain optimum hygienic-sanitary conditions, and the oxidizing effects of biocides on metal surfaces will be minimized.


Constant monitoring to guarantee the quality of drinking water in your facility

To ensure the effectiveness of sanitary water treatment, weestablish constant monitoring based on automatic control equipment and supervision software. In addition, we personalize
this monitoring
according to the needs of your installation.

Our expert supervision software allows you to access the key process indicators (KPI’s) and perform analysis of the historical data of your sanitary water treatment. In this way, we ensure that the water in your facilities complies at all times with the quality requirements established in current legislation.


Measurement and control equipment in water treatment

We work with equipment designed and developed by our R+D+i department.

is a device specialized in the control, management and supervision of the implementation of chemical treatments in specific facilities. This equipment allows the connection with local controllers to monitor the main operating parameters in drinking water circuits All this is integrated into a management module governed by ADIC, an application that acts as a treatment supervisor system, generating trend graphs, and calculating deviations and key process indicators (KPI). In this way, timely corrective actions can be taken to redirect the treatment if necessary. In addition, there is the option of remote connection to check the status of the installation in real time via the Internet.

Adiconline FQ

We offer a comprehensive solution to measure, control and record the key parameters of drinking water circuits. Our equipment is customizable to meet the needs and characteristics of each specific case.


Adic is an application designed to monitor and control the main operating parameters of a facility. It has a database where all the analyzes carried out are stored and offers graphic tools to analyze the evolution of the measured parameters and predict trends.

In addition, it includes a knowledge base generated from Adiquímica’s experience in water treatment. This database automatically suggests corrective actions based on the results of the analysis.


Working with us is quality and safety assurance

We demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety through the following

Quality management


Safety and health at workplace

Information security


Other services that may interest you

Discover our additional services that might interest you. At Adiquímica, we are not only leaders in
industrial water treatment, but we also offer a wide range of strong, complementary solutions
to cover all your needs


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