Water treatments in the Energy Industry

Customized treatment

Analysis, equipment and customized services for the Energy Industry

Water treatment is a key factor for the operation of the water-steam cycle in the energy industry.

At Adiquímica we produce and provide products, analyses, equipment and services to offer you a tailored solution adapted to the needs of your company.


Services for all types of
plants in the energy industry

We are experts in water treatment in the energy industry in all types of plants,
both conventional and renewable.

Conventional generation sector:

Combined cycles



Renewable electricity generation plants:

Solar thermal




We are specialists

Leadership in energy industry services

In our laboratories we analyze the key parameters associated with these installations, with the precision
required by both manufacturers and international control regulations.

Design of chemical treatments and control for the steam-water cycle, both volatile and non-volatile compounds.

Chemical treatment of refrigeration circuits depending on the metallurgy of the condenser, process conditions and discharge limitations.

Control of auxiliary refrigeration circuits and technical solutions for correct control
and operation of the water treatment plant.


We guarantee effectiveness and safety of the treatments

The safety and control needs in the implementation of a chemical treatment in an electric power plant may require the design and installation of specific, completely customizable software and equipment.

At Adiquímica we have designed equipment and software that adapts to the specific needs of each plant.

They allow control of the treatment and its monitoring (remote) for greater response capacity in case of deviation from the recommended operating values.

water treatment plant

Water treatment plant
in the energy industry

Our fields of action are the following:

Supply of chemical products

Monitoring using Jar Test and Zeta Potential to improve chemical dosage.

Monitoring and evaluation of flotation/coagulation, filtration, reverse osmosis and EDIs operating parameters.

Reverse osmosis monitoring: membrane autopsy, chemical cleaning from our Adiclean application, engineering improvements, membrane supply and change, element mapping, SEM and EDX.

Normalization of plant operating data to check the evolution of the treatment and avoid fouling in osmosis and EDI.

EDI monitoring: EDI status for adjustment of flow rates and intensities, membrane autopsy, chemical cleaning, engineering improvements, analytical control of demineralized water with precision analysis by ICP.

Analysis and control of product concentration for optimization.

Granulometry studies of filter loads, fouling and load status.

Engineering improvements with online control and telemetry equipment from the ADICONTROL® range.

Analytical monitoring through our ADIC application for the evaluation of analytical parameters. ADICDATA.

Cooling circuits

Cooling circuit treatment

We distinguish ourselves by the following fields of action:

Steam-water cycle

Treatment of the steam-water cycle in the energy industry

We design chemical and control treatments for the water-steam cycle, both volatile and non-volatile. The fields of action are the following:

Some of our technical solutions in automotive water treatment and auxiliary services are:



Monitoring an evaluation of the water-steam cycle operation parameters

Analytical control

Monthly complete analytical control with an accurated technolgy as ICP.


High speed of additives supply to avoid stock-outs in the plant.

Continuous improvement

Proposals of process improvements to achieve production, economic or environmental objectives.


Engineering improvements with the use of the on line control equipments and telemetry ADICONTROL ® range

Legal safety

Attendance at shutdown inspections.


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