Reverse osmosis treatment


Water treatment for reverse osmosis installations

We are specialists in water treatment for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reversible electrodialysis (EDR) installations.

We reduce the operating costs of your plant by applying the best treatment to maintain adequate water quality, guaranteeing optimal performance of the facilities.

How do we work?

Personalised study

We carry out a personalized study of the inlet water to your facilities to anticipate the risks of fouling that may arise in the membranes.

Optimised treatment

We design the optimal treatment so that your plant has the best performance and we guarantee a significant cost reduction.

Membrane autopsies

In support of water treatment, we perform membrane autopsies to determine the exact causes of fouling.

Cleaning tests

We design cleaning tests to select the most appropriate treatment and the optimal doses of chemical products.


Innovative techniques to guarantee the success of reverse osmosis treatment

We use the most advanced analysis techniques, which provide us with an accurate diagnosis of what is happening in the system.

Deposit light microscopy

Scanning electron microscopy studies

Analysis by energy dispersive X-rays (SEM-EDX)

Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis (FTIR-ATR)

Follow up

Comprehensive monitoring for optimal treatment

We monitor the operating parameters of the reverse osmosis plant before and after each cleaning. Thus, we optimize the cleaning protocol and select the most suitable products to eliminate the dirt detected.


Specialized software for reverse osmosis, NF, UF and EDR water treatment

We have developed a unique and specialized monitoring software that adapts to the new market demands.


Specialized equipment for water treatment by reverse osmosis, NF, UF and EDR

We work with equipment designed and developed by our R+D+i department.

Adicontrol® is a device specialized in the control, management and supervision of the implementation of chemical treatments.

This equipment allows you to monitor the main operating parameters in refrigeration or steam generation circuits, such as pH, conductivity, free chlorine, redox potential and level of antifouling active ingredient.

All this is integrated into a management module governed by ADIC, generating trend graphs, and calculating deviations and key process indicators (KPI).


It is a portable system for measuring the anti-scaling active principle in reverse osmosis installations that use the products of our ADICRO range. This system allows a precise and easy measurement of the active principle at any time and in any place of the installation.

Dosing pumps

For the implementation of any chemical treatment, it is necessary to have dosing pumps. . These pumps can be governed by equipment from the Adiconline and Adicontrol range, which allows their integration into the control laws defined for the implementation of treatments.


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