Water treatments in the Pharmaceutical industry


We guarantee the quality of water in the production of pharmaceuticals.

Water treatment in the pharmaceutical industry is defined by a key element: quality. Ensuring the quality of water for the production of drugs is strictly necessary and at Adiquimica we have everything necessary to do so.

Customized treatment

Always maximizing quality control

In the pharmaceutical industry, having water free of contaminants is mandatory.
Certain contaminants must be eliminated from production processes and to do so, we have different tailored treatments for maximum reduction of:
In our laboratories we analyze the key parameters associated with the facilities’ waters with the required precision in accordance with the recommendations of the GAMP, cGMP, and FDA guidelines.

Organic material

Hydrocarbons and slowly biodegradable matter

Toxic compounds



Water treatments adapted to the industry

We offer water treatments for all types of facilities, providing a comprehensive service to obtain the required water quality in each process.


Monitoring and control | ADICONTROL®

ADICONTROL® is a technology designed for monitoring water treatments, allowing savings and higher productivity.


Treatment of cooling circuits

Avoid loss of thermal performance in the installation and prolong its useful life with the treatment for refrigeration circuits.


Treatment of steam boilers

Improve the efficiency of your installation and reduce maintenance costs with our water treatment for industrial boilers.


Reverse osmosis treatment

We are specialists in water treatment for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reversible electrodialysis (EDR) installations.


Treatments for the prevention of Legionella

We offer personalized solutions for the control and prevention of Legionella, ensuring compliance with current regulations.


Wastewater treatment

We help you to comply with the discharge limits by current regulations with a treatment adapted to the needs of your company.


We design water production equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Thanks to our expertise and experience in the sector, we have designed equipment and software that adapts to the specific needs of each plant.

Our R&D&i team analyzes and studies each situation to recommend the best treatment option. We design, install and maintain this equipment providing a comprehensive water treatment service.

Cooling circuits

Customized services for refrigeration circuits

We distinguish ourselves by the following fields of action:



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