Water treatment in the chemical industry


Optimized solutions for the complete water cycle

At Adiquimica we are experts in water treatment for the chemical industry, carrying out the entire water cycle:

We offer you solutions and technical improvements in water treatment, accompanying you throughout the process and offering the security you need when optimizing your production and environmental objectives.


Cooling circuits

Steam boilers and steam-water cycle

Process water

WWTP plants


Water treatments for unstoppable production

Continuity in the production of the chemical industry is a necessity. We know that a stoppage of hours is equivalent to significant losses. To ensure the production, we offer:


●Different treatments with chemical elements designed according to the need of the process and with the aim of maintaining the quality of industrial water in the different circuits.


All the necessary guarantees for a 24/7 operating regime.


Assistance from experts in the plant and supervision of the process with ADICONTROL®.


Water treatments adapted to the industry

We offer water treatments for all types of facilities, providing a comprehensive service to obtain the required water quality in each process.


Monitoring and control | ADICONTROL®

ADICONTROL® is a technology designed for monitoring water treatments, allowing savings and higher productivity.


Treatment of cooling circuits

Avoid loss of thermal performance in the installation and prolong its useful life with the treatment for refrigeration circuits.


Treatment of steam boilers

Improve the efficiency of your installation and reduce maintenance costs with our water treatment for industrial boilers.


Reverse osmosis treatment

We are specialists in water treatment for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reversible electrodialysis (EDR) installations.


Treatments for the prevention of Legionella

We offer personalized solutions for the control and prevention of Legionella, ensuring compliance with current regulations.


Wastewater treatment

We help you to comply with the discharge limits by current regulations with a treatment adapted to the needs of your company.

success cases

Boiler water pretreatment

In the chemical industry, water pretreatment is vital for steam boilers.

We carry out studies of fuel, water consumption and boiler operating regime, achieving economic objectives and optimizing processes.

Discover our success stories in the maintenance of equipment such as softeners, reverse osmosis systems, EDI modules…


Maximum control in cooling towers in the chemical industry

Water control in industrial cooling towers is crucial to avoid performance losses in the cooling processes.

To extend the life of the exchangers and promote water savings, we have our own software to select the products that offer the best results.

In addition, we also take into account the maintenance of the physical-chemical and microbiological quality of the water for the prevention of the presence of Legionella.

With our equipment from the ADICONTROL® range, we control and monitor process parameters throughout the water cycle, in addition to generating control alarms, to ensure the continuity of the process and the environmental objectives of the plant.

specific solutions

Treatment of ETAR in the chemical industry

At Adiquimica we have extensive experience in the treatment of WWTPs from chemical plants and we know their complexity. Among our products we have:

Specific products

A wide range of flocculants and coagulants specifically designed according to the needs of each plant.

Biological activators

Biological activators and bioindication services for ETAR with biological treatment.

Follow up

On-site control and data of water treatment in the chemical industry

Periodic checks are necessary to control the water in the different processes.
Our clients rely on us to propose technical solutions and transmit them to their technical management team.



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