Specialised courses and webinars


Specialised courses and webinars for water treatment

We offer training courses for the treatment of legionella and boiler maintenance. In addition, we offer customized courses to each client and their facilities both In-Company format or customized Webinars.

Here are some examples of some of the courses that we can carry out:

Courses that we can carry out

Training in Legionella treatments

Training on filtration, reverse osmosis, NF, UF and EDR equipment

Steam boiler treatment training

Customized In-Company water treatment training

Training on water treatment chemicals

In case you are unable to travel or you have several plants at national or international level, we offer customised Webinars on water treatment or training tailored to your installations.

Contact us if you need legal training on legionella or wish to improve the technical knowledge of your workers on water treatment.


Other training that may interest you

Discover our wide variety of courses designed to boost
the growth and development of your company.

Reneval of Legionella

Courses necessary to be able to carry out maintenance work in facilities at risk of Legionella, according to Royal Decree 865/2003 of July 4 and Order SCO/317/2003 of February 10.

Courses Steam boiler

Course aimed at boiler operators, to acquire the necessary knowledge to pass the official exam organized by the Industry Delegations and obtain the Certificate for driving boilers.

Specialised courses and Webinars

Courses designed by our experts on topics related to water treatment.


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