Control and prevention of Legionella

Customised solutions

Personalised treatments to prevent Legionella

Legionella will never be a problem in your facilities again.
At Adiquímica we have been offering personalized solutions for the control and prevention of Legionella for more than 40 years, ensuring compliance with current regulations.


We carry out a personalized study of the situation and design a maintenance and prevention program for Legionella.

Personalised treatment

We investigate the possible causes of its appearance and apply the most effective personalized treatment

Treatment optimisation

We carefully consider the synergistic effects of the products used, such as anticorrosives, antifoulings, biocides, etc. Thus, we optimize preventive treatments and prevent the proliferation of Legionella.

Prevention of legionella

Do you have a high-risk Legionella facility?


Facilities sensitive to the growth of legionella are those that provide a warm and humid environment where the bacteria can grow and multiply.

It is important that sensitive facilities take preventative measures, such as regular cleaning and disinfection, proper maintenance of water systems, and implementation of pollution control protocols.

Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

Hot water and cold water systems for
human consumption.

Heated water systems with constant agitation.

Industrial humidifying plants.

Evaporative cooling equipment.

Ornamental fountains.

Sprinkler irrigation.

Fire water systems.

Vehicle washing facilities.

Gas washing installations.

Outdoor aerosolization cooling elements.

Avoid problems

We act on
microbiological contamination

The problems appear when microorganisms reproduce in large numbers and cause the formation of biofilms or biofilm on the surfaces of the facilities and corrosion problems.

Avoiding these problems is as simple as having an adequate treatment for your installation. Not having adequate microbiological control in your facility can:

Quality guarantee

Our quality guarantee in prevention against Legionella

We are registered in the ROESP of pesticide manufacturers with the number B0075E, which allows us to manufacture and sell all the biocides necessary for this type of treatment.

We are registered as a company that applies legionellosis prevention and control treatments in all the autonomous communities, which authorizes us to carry out cleaning and disinfection protocols. In this way, we comply with all the requirements required by current legislation.

We have the main accreditations and certificates that guarantee the quality of our treatments and actions:

Quality management


Safety and health at workplace

Information security

Legionella testing in the environmental sector



We work with equipment designed and developed by our R+D+i department.

Adicontrol® is a device specialized in the control, management and supervision of the implementation of chemical treatments.

This equipment allows you to monitor the main operating parameters in refrigeration or steam generation circuits, such as pH, conductivity, free chlorine, redox potential and level of antifouling active ingredient.

All this is integrated into a management module governed by ADIC, generating trend graphs, and calculating deviations and key process indicators (KPI).

Adiconline FQ

We offer a comprehensive solution for measuring, controlling and recording the key parameters of industrial refrigeration circuits. Our equipment is customisable to meet the needs and characteristics of each company. .

Dosing pumps

For the implementation of any chemical treatment, it is necessary to have dosing pumps that are built based on the type of fluid to be treated and the operating parameters, such as flow and back pressure. These pumps can be governed by equipment from the Adiconline and Adicontrol range, which allows their integration into the control laws defined for the implementation of treatments.


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