Water treatment for industry


Customized water treatment for industries

We are a manufacturer of chemical products and we offer advanced solutions for water treatment for the industry.

We are passionate about improving water quality and making sure your water facilities are treated sustainably and comprehensively.

Our goal is to make sure that your facilities work and are as effective as possible for the development of your products.


First we focus on studying the needs of your company

Personalised treatment

Through this study, we design a water treatment totally adapted to your facilities.

Monitoring and optimisation

We carry out constant follow-up and monitoring of the treatment to guarantee its effectiveness and optimize its operation.


What kind of water treatment do you need?

We offer specific treatments adapted to the needs of your facilities, so that you can work with the confidence that you are using safe, high-quality water.


Cooling circuits

Avoid loss of thermal performance in the installation and prolong its useful life with the treatment for refrigeration circuits.


Boiler treatment

Improve the efficiency of your installation and reduce maintenance costs with our water treatment for industrial boilers.


Reverse osmosis

We are specialists in water treatment for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reversible electrodialysis (EDR) installations.


Sewage water

We help you comply with the discharge limits established by current regulations with a treatment adapted to the needs of your company.


Closed circuits

We offer a range of specialized products to ensure that the circuits are always in optimal working conditions.


Drinking water

We protect people’s health by ensuring that water meets all consumption quality standards.


Control and prevention of Legionella

We offer personalized solutions for the control and prevention of Legionella, ensuring compliance with current regulations.


Our projects have a great impact on our clients

We accompany our clients in water treatment, where we can:

Resource saving

design customized treatments to meet our clients’ resource saving plans


control the quality of the products thanks to our own manufacturing plant


offer technical assistance and fast R+D+i


are updated on regulatory and legal matters


Committed to innovation in water treatment

At Adiquimica, we have a powerful R+D+i department that, together with the technical-commercial department, has developed more than 380 products.

We have developed our own line of customizable ADICONTROL®, in response to the demand of industry 4.0. It is an innovative monitoring and control system that manages the main operating parameters of your installation in real time.


Tranquility for you and security
for your facility

ADICONTROL® offers you great functionalities in industrial water treatment:

Monitors the installation to maximize useful life and reduce the cost of operation.

The installation is permanently motorized by our experts.

Encourages savings minimizing
the use of resources, water, energy, and additives.

Future Ready modular expansion allows adapting Adicontrol® to the future needs of the facility.

success cases

Satisfied customers

In our 40 years of experience in water treatment, we have helped companies of all types, sizes and sectors. Our clients recommend us and consider us your main water partner.

By his side, we continue adding experience and constant innovation and development.

+ 4.000 clients

In Spain, Portugal and France

+ 23.000

Treated facilities

Present with

+ 20 offices

+ 8 international distributors


Working with us is quality and safety assurance

We demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety through the following

Quality management


Safety and health at workplace

Information security


The most relevant news in the sector

Stay up to date on industry news and new regulations that may affect your company

The EDS (European Desalination Society) Congress was held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from 20th to 23rd June.
July 7, 2022


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