Water treatment in cogeneration systems


Circuits always in optimal working condition

Cogeneration systems have undergone a very important development in the industrial panorama in recent years, since they reduce energy consumption.

At Adiquímica we know the complexity of these systems and we take care of ensuring that the circuits are always in optimal working conditions to maximize their useful life.

closed circuits

Specific products for optimal performance of closed circuits

We have developed a range of specific products for closed circuits, including those for cogeneration engines, which take into account the type of metals used in the construction of the water circuits, as well as the water quality requirements demanded by the different manufacturers.

Our formulated products contain highly effective anticorrosive active ingredients for different types of metallurgy, as well as biocides that guarantee the absence of microorganisms that can develop corrosion phenomena in the circuits.

Integrated management

Rigorous and precise control of the dosage of the implemented treatments

We put at your disposal expert management software for monitoring the quality of water in the circuits, as well as equipment for the dosing of products.
By using our software and dosing equipment you will be able to:

Control the most representative parameters of the circuits.

Keep the circuit materials in optimal conditions of conservation.

Maximize operating performance.


Measurement and control equipment in water treatment

We work with equipment designed and developed by our R+D+i department.

Team control, management and expert supervision of the implementation of a chemical treatment in a given facility. It allows connection with local controllers of the main operating parameters of a circuit and their integration in a management module governed by the ADIC application, which acts as a treatment supervisory system, generating trend graphs, calculating deviations and key process indicators (KPIs). This allows corrective action to be taken to redirect treatment if necessary.

Complete solution for the measurement, control and recording of the main operational parameters in closed circuits. The equipment can be customised according to the needs and characteristics of each specific case, and can optionally integrate a data acquisition module (Adicontrol Web) for remote consultation of the status of the installation via the internet in real time.

For the implementation of any chemical treatment, it is necessary to have dosing pumps that are built based on the type of fluid to be treated and the operating parameters, such as flow and back pressure.

These pumps can be governed by equipment from the Adiconline and Adicontrol range, which allows their integration into the control laws defined for the implementation of treatments.

Adic-ionic is a powerful computer tool developed by our R+D+ department, which describes the chemical and ionic balances in a given type of water with an expert system that reflects the company’s more than 40 years of experience in water treatment. The objectives of this application are

Recommend the most suitable product and dosage to inhibit the formation of poorly soluble salt scale in industrial refrigeration circuits

Control corrosion phenomena in water circulation lines.
Prevent the development of microbial populations in risk areas.


Working with us is quality and safety assurance

We demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety through the following

ISO 9001

Quality management

ISO 14001

Environmental management

ISO 45001

Health and Safety


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