Wastewater treatment


Wastewater treatment

We help you comply with the discharge limits established by current regulations. Our team of experts is specialized in offering personalized services in wastewater treatment, guaranteeing:

Personalised treatment

Specific wastewater treatment solutions tailored to your company’s needs

Guaranteed regulations

Regulatory compliance through an efficient and secure process

Efficiency assured

Reduced costs and better control over the quality of the discharged water.


Customized industrial wastewater treatments

We will work with you in a personalized way to ensure maximum efficiency of wastewater treatment.



We design our own products to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the treatments

In our laboratories R+D+i, we design our own products to ensure the success of wastewater treatment. We do it with two objectives: to guarantee a quality service and to be able to propose improvements in the facilities and in the consumption of products.
We offer a variety of products for wastewater treatment:

Bioaugmentation Bacterial solutions for biological treatment of industrial wastewater


Flocculants in different solid forms, emulsions, or dispersions.

Coagulants. Organic and inorganic coagulants.


Dosing technology for wastewater treatment

We also work with a wide range of dosing equipment for our products.

In addition, we offer control and monitoring equipment for operating parameters, such as pH, dissolved oxygen and redox, so that your company has greater control over the quality of the water discharged.

Discover our teams:

We offer a comprehensive solution for measuring, controlling and recording the key parameters of industrial refrigeration circuits. Our equipment is customisable to meet the needs and characteristics of each company. .

Dosing pumps

For the implementation of any chemical treatment, it is necessary to have dosing pumps that are built based on the type of fluid to be treated and the operating parameters, such as flow and back pressure. These pumps can be governed by equipment from the Adiconline and Adicontrol range, which allows their integration into the control laws defined for the implementation of treatments.


Working with us is quality and safety assurance

We demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety through the following

Quality management


Safety and health at workplace

Information security


Other services that may interest you

Discover our additional services that might interest you. At Adiquímica, we are not only leaders in
industrial water treatment, but we also offer a wide range of strong, complementary solutions
to cover all your needs


Monitoring and control | ADICONTROL

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Treatment of cooling circuits

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Treatment of steam boilers

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The most relevant news in the sector

Stay up to date on industry news and new regulations that may affect your company

The EDS (European Desalination Society) Congress was held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from 20th to 23rd June.
July 7, 2022


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