Boiler water treatment

In Adiquímica, we have available different programs and products for the treatment and control of boilers feedwater with the aim of maintaining the facility in safe operating conditions and keeping the maximum nominal capacity of heat exchange. Moreover, we always comply with the current legislation and recommendations issued by bodies at international level.

We take into account that water-steam circuits require a specific control and water treatment, so our water treatments for steam boilers and water boilers aim to treat water of the generator both at inner and external level.

Tratamiento del agua para calderas

Water treatment for low, medium and high pressure boilers

Thanks to our extensive experience in boilers water treatment, to the previous studies we carry out in your facilities and to our constant line of research, we can assure that, with our chemical products to treat water-steam cycle, your facility will comply with all the current regulations and you will solve and prevent possible problems such as corrosion, scaling, etc.

You will have at your disposal specialized stuff to carry out steam boiler cleanings. We will conduct inspections of the inside of the steam generator in order to prove the recommended treatment effectiveness and control the state of your facility is optimal.

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Products and services to keep your facilities in optimal operating condition

With the aim of keeping your steam generation facilities in perfect operating conditions, we have a specialized products range. They include calcium salt and metal oxide dispersants to avoid their deposition on the heat transfer surface and antiscaling compounds, anticorrosive products to avoid deterioration of the circuit materials such as oxygen reducers and mixture of neutralizing (and coating) amines to keep an optimum pH from the point of view of the system conservation.

The water treatment start-up in a steam generator facility may require some previous operations of chemical cleaning and passivation, so we have available a specific range of products especially designed for these type of processes. The products remove scaling salts and metal oxides from the heat transfer surface and promote the formation of protective layers that limit metal corrosion processes in these elements.

All of our treatments aim to minimize corrosion in generators feed lines in order to avoid entrance of metal oxides that may be deposited on heat transfer surfaces and thus reduce thermal performance of the facility. They also aim to ensure the absence of scaling species inside the generator to avoid heat-resistant layers; to limit concentration of particular chemical species inside the generator in order to avoid carryover problems due to an excess salinity; and to avoid steam lines and condensate return corrosion problems due to the acidity produced in the generator by the thermal decomposition of bicarbonates to CO2 and their dissolution in condensates.

Moreover, as part of the management of boilers water treatment, we provide technical advice to manage steam generators feed water pre-treatment in order to maintain the main analytical parameters of water in their recommended values.

Tratamiento del agua para calderas

Specific equipments to increase useful life of your facility and reduce consumption of treatment products

We have available different equipments for the pre-treatment and also for the monitoring and control of the system critical parameters. They will help you maintaining boilers feed water quality at levels that not only ensure an absence of pollutants susceptible to deposit on the heat transfer surface but also avoid development of metal oxidation reactions in water circulation lines.

The proper definition of the operation values and being them set as set points on treatment equipments allow increasing the useful life of the facility, as well as optimizing consumption of chemical products to maintain water physicochemical parameters in the recommended levels.

Equipments for water treatment

Adiconline FQ

Complete solution for the measurement, control and record of the main operational parameters in industrial cooling circuits. The equipment is customizable according to the needs and characteristics of each concrete case and, optionally, it can integrate a data acquisition module (Adicontrol Web) for remote inquiry of the installation state via internet in real time.


Control, management and expert supervision equipment of chemical treatment implementation in a concrete installation. Adicontrol allows connection with local controllers of the main operational parameters in a cooling or steam generation circuit (pH, conductivity, free chlorine, redox potential and level of antiscalant active principle) and its integration in a management module governed by ADIC applicative. This applicative acts as the treatment’s supervision system as it generates tend graphs and calculates variances and key process indicators (KPI) in order to perform the appropriate corrective actions to redirect the treatment if needed.

Dosing pumps

Essential elements to implement any chemical treatment. Their structure depends on the type of fluid to treat and the operational parameters (flow and backpressure). Dosing pumps can be governed by Adiconline and Adicontrol range equipments for integration in control laws defined to implement treatments.

Quality guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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