Control and prevention of legionella

In Adiquímica we offer customized treatments to control and prevent Legionella in all types of risk installations in order to comply with the current regulations. The effectiveness of our treatments is endorsed by our more than 30 years of experience.

Prevención y control de la Legionella

Treatments for the prevention of Legionella

We carry out a customized study for your particular case and design a maintenance and prevention of Legionella program in order to prevent its proliferation in your facilities. For this program, synergic effects of the different products used (anticorrosive, antiscaling, biocides, etc.) are taken into account, thus optimizing prevention treatments and avoiding Legionella proliferation; therefore, your facilities will comply with the current legislation.

Legionella control treatments and shock actions

In case Legionella is detected in your facilities, we carry out treatments and perform actions to control and remove it. We study the possible causes of this presence and apply the most efficient customized treatment to control Legionella and remove it from the facility.

Risk installations where it is necessary to carry out a maintenance and prevention program

We are specialists in applying treatments to control and prevent Legionella in order to comply with the current legislation in the following facilities:

  • Cooling towers and evaporative condensers.
  • Hot and cold water systems.
  • Spa pools.
  • Industrial humidifiers.
  • Evaporative cooling equipments.
  • Ornamental fountains.
  • Sprinkler irrigation.
  • Fire-fighting water systems.
  • Vehicle washing facilities.
  • Gas washing installations.
  • Outdoor aerosol cooling elements.
Prevención y control de la Legionella

We also act on microbiological contamination in general

Some problems arise when microorganisms can grow and multiply excessively. This can result in the formation of biofilm on the facilities’ surface. These microorganisms can be corrosion agents or they can form deposits which can cause other types of corrosion.

For these reasons, the following can happen in a facility with inappropriate microbiological control:

  • Promote proliferation of Legionella.
  • Hinder heat transfer, thus increasing consumption and reducing effectiveness.
  • Prompt corrosion phenomena due to the effect of byproducts of metabolism on metal surfaces, among other types of adverse effects.
  • Reduce effectiveness of corrosion and scaling inhibitors.
  • Affect water distribution through your facilities.

Quality guarantee

Adiquímica S.A. is registered in the ROESP of pesticide manufacturers with number B0075E; therefore, it can manufacture and sell any biocide used in this type of treatments. The company is also registered as treatment applicator for the prevention and control of legionelosis in all Spanish autonomous communities, so it is authorized to carry out cleaning and disinfection protocols to control and prevent legionelosis. Therefore, Adiquímica meets all the requirements established by the current legislation on this subject.

We have the main accreditations and certificates that guarantee the quality of our treatments and actions:

  • ISO 9001 international standard, by AENOR with certificate num. ES131731-1.
  • UNE-ISO-14001 standard. Environmental Management Systems by AENOR with registration num. ES129635-1.
  • ISO 45001 in occupational health and safety by Bureau Veritas with certificate num. ES129612-1.
  • ENAC for carrying out tests in the environmental sector and, concretely, for Legionella tests, accreditation num. 715/LE1387.

Equipments used for the control and prevention of Legionella

Adiconline FQ

Complete solution for the measurement, control and record of the main operational parameters in industrial cooling circuits. The equipment is customizable according to the needs and characteristics of each concrete case and, optionally, it can integrate a data acquisition module (Adicontrol Web) for remote inquiry of the installation state via internet in real time.

Adiconline 1352M

Equipment for the measurement and control of the non-oxidant biocide Adiclene 1352M concentration in cooling circuits. The equipment, based on our own technology, is customizable and adapts to the needs and characteristics of the concrete circuit(s). Adiconline 1352M incorporates a Data-logger module that allows daily records of biocide in the installation according to the 865/2003 Royal Decree.


Control, management and expert supervision equipment of chemical treatment implementation in a concrete installation. Adicontrol allows connection with local controllers of the main operational parameters in a cooling or steam generation circuit (pH, conductivity, free chlorine, redox potential and level of antiscalant active principle) and its integration in a management module governed by ADIC applicative. This applicative acts as the treatment’s supervision system as it generates tend graphs and calculates variances and key process indicators (KPI) in order to perform the appropriate corrective actions to redirect the treatment if needed.

Quality guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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