Cooling water treatment with legionella control

The cooling circuits of industrial facilities can have serious problems of fouling, corrosion, and biological contamination. And within biological contamination, can be a source of infection by Legionella, greatly aggravating the issue, as it may cause an issue of human health. for this reason it is essential to study the problem and in each case determine the best treatment program for cooling water.

This article describes the problems of fouling, corrosion and biofouling, the right products to treat each specific problem, with particular emphasis on the product type. Finally, we present two case studies of implementation in two different facilities: a cooling tower and evaporative condenser.

Autores: Núria Adroer, Joaquín Ignacio (Adiquímica)
Estudio publicado en febrero de 2000 en la revista Ingeniería Química

Cooling water treatment with legionella control


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