Water treatment in the Energy Industry

Water treatment is a vital factor for the operation of the water-steam cycle in the energy industry. Ensuring water quality through a treatment program designed specifically for each situation, is the reason why Adiquimica has established itself as a leader in the sector at a national level.

Adiquimica, founded in 1983, produces and provides products, analyses, equipment, and services for the treatment of cooling circuits, steam generation, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration plants, and plants for the production of demineralised water by resins or EDIs, etc.

We are experts, with an extensive list of references in water treatment in the energy industry in all types of plants, either conventional or renewable.

Conventional generation sector:

  • Combined cycles
  • Thermal
  • Nuclear

Renewable electricity generation plants:

  • Solar thermal
  • Biomass
  • Cogeneration
  • Biogas

In our laboratories, we can analyse the key parameters related to these installations with the required precision by both the manufacturers and the international control regulation. Thanks to our extensive experience in power generation plants: conventional, renewable, such as Solar Thermal and Biomass, with an extensive network of field technicians and with the best technical resources always supported by a strong R+D+I department.

planta termosolar

Within the range of services, we are specialists in chemical treatment design and control of water-steam cycle both volatile and non-volatile, chemical treatment of cooling circuits, depending on the metallurgy of the condenser, conditions of the process and discharge limitations, control of auxiliary cooling circuits and technical solutions for proper control and operation of the PTA.

The safety and control needs in the implementation of chemical treatment in a power plant require the design and installation of specific and fully customisable software and equipment.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we have designed equipment and software that adapt to the specific needs of each plant. They are based on proprietary technology and allow control in the implementation of the treatment and its (remote) monitoring for a better response capacity in the event of a deviation from the recommended operating values.

Water treatment plant in the energy industry

Our fields of activity are as follows:

  • Supply of chemical products.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of operating parameters of flotation/coagulation, filtration, reverse osmosis, and EDI.
  • Standardisation of plant operating data to check the evolution of treatment and avoid fouling in osmosis and EDI.
  • Analysis and control of product concentration for optimisation.
  • Engineering improvements with online control and telemetry equipment from the ADICONTROL range.
  • Jar Test and Zeta Potential monitoring to improve the chemical dosing.
  • Reverse osmosis monitoring: membrane autopsy, chemical cleanings from our Adiclean application, engineering improvements, membrane supply, and replacement, element mapping, SEM, and EDX.
  • EDI monitoring: EDI status for flow rate and intensity adjustment, membrane autopsy, chemical cleaning, engineering improvements, analytical control of demineralised water with precision ICP analysis.
  • Studies of filter load granulometry, fouling and, load status.
  • Analytical monitoring through our ADIC application for the evaluation of analytical parameters. ADICDATA.

Cooling circuits treatment

We have the following fields of action:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the operating parameters of the circuit
  • Complete analytical control, in compliance with RD 865/20003.
  • Supply chemical products.
  • Corrosion control based on MYPs according to metallurgy.
  • Engineering improvements with online control and telemetry equipment from the ADICONTROL range.
  • Optimisation of work cycles through our AdicIonic application that allows us to operate minimising the risk of incrustations and biofouling.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the circuit.
  • Analytical monitoring with our ADIC application for the evaluation of analytical parameters. ADICDATA.

Water-steam cycle treatment

The fields of action are as follows:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the operating parameters of the water-steam cycle.
  • Complete analytical control with pressure analysis by ICP
  • Supply of
  • Process improvement
  • Engineering improvements with online control equipment and telemetry ADICONTROL range
  • Assistance to shutdown
  • Analytical follow-up with our ADIC application for the evaluation of analytical parameters. ADICDATA.

Working side by side with our clients

At Adiquimica we feel we are partners with our customers. They always value our proactivity when it comes to providing solutions to their problems. In addition to customized solutions, we have a powerful in-house laboratory that gives us the necessary agility to modify and optimize treatments.

We have the latest legal updates on legionellosis, and access to documentation is always available thanks to our digital user area.

As special services, we also offer on-demand, internal plant personnel to carry out daily tasks assigned to water treatment (checking pumps, modifying dosage, on-site measurements, etc.) and personalised training courses to get to know the needs of each installation as much as possible.

Quality guarantee

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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