Water treatment in the plastics industry and derivatives

At Adiquímica, we work with a wide range of clients in the plastics sector who have been informing us of their needs for water treatment at their facilities. As a result, we have achieved a high level of specialisation in water treatment in the plastics industry and its derivatives.

In the plastics industry, we include all those companies that manufacture plastic products from the transformation of raw materials of petrochemical origin. The most common processes are injection and blow moulding or extrusion and blow moulding.

Tratamiento de aguas industria plastica y derivados

Customised services for cooling circuits

It is common for different industries to have cooling systems with or without water. In the case of cooling with water, cooling towers are often used. For these installations, we distinguish ourselves by the following fields of activity:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the operating parameters of the circuit.
  • Complete analytical control in compliance with the new R.D. 487/2022.
  • Supply of chemical products.
  • Corrosion control based on MPYs according to metallurgy.
  • Improvements 4.0 with online control equipment and telemetry of the ADICONTROL range.
  • Optimisation of work cycles through our AdicIonic application that allows us to operate minimising the risk of incrustations and biofouling.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the circuit.
  • Analytical monitoring with our ADIC application for the evaluation of analytical parameters. ADICDATA.
Servicios personalizados circuitos refrigeracion

Design of treatment in closed-circuit

Within the water treatment in the plastics industry and derivatives, the treatment of closed circuits is of particular importance. These installations often represent the “blood” of these companies, which circulates through large closed circuits and a multitude of of mould hoses.

Due to the multi-metal nature of the installations, especially in plants of a certain age, significant corrosion or incrustation problems appear, which need a solution. At Adiquímica, thanks to our R+D+i and equipment departments, we can analyse each specific situation to be able to recommend the best treatment option. We design and maintain customised chemical treatments, providing a comprehensive water treatment service.

Industria plastica

Maximising quality control and water savings

To meet the operating conditions, maintain the facilities with optimal water quality and meet environmental savings objectives, we have automation and control equipment within our Adicontrol® range.

Control monitorizacion industria plastica

This equipment, based on proprietary technology, allows control in the implementation of the treatment and its (remote) monitoring for a higher response capacity in case of deviation from the recommended operating values.

Water pre-treatment for plants

In the plastics industry and derivatives, it is needed a good water pre-treatment for the different circuits. In Adiquimica we have several success cases in the study, installation, and maintenance of equipment such as water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, EDI modules and demineralisers and mixed bed equipment that allow the continuous operation of the facilities.

Osmosis inversa industria plastica

We collaborate in the plastics recycling process

With increasingly strict regulations, such as the restriction on single-use plastics and the constant increases in production costs, there is an increasing interest in plastic recycling. From Adiquímica, we can help in the development of the plastic recycling treatment plant. We offer, free of charge, technical visits to the plant by specialists to solve PTA configuration problems or improvement studies.


Proceso reciclaje plastico adiquimica

Within our wastewater treatment services, we have Jar-Test in situ and in the laboratory, which will allow us to determine the products that give the best results.

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